Juliette Legler will receive the NSFT Poulsson award in Toxicology - Save the date: 10th of October

Juliette Legler will receive the NSFT Poulsson award. The award ceremony and Poulsson seminar will be held at STAMI on the 10th of October at 13.00.

Juliette will deliver a lecture with as title: Unravelling the role of environmental chemicals in disease with toxicology and epidemiology.

In addition, Norwegian researchers that have worked closely with Juliette will present their work. Merete Eggesbø, Erik Ropstad, Jan Ludvig Lyche and Jorke Kamstra will present their work. Download and read the Poulsson seminar program (pdf-file)

You are all welcome to attend this interesting seminar!

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